Terms & Condition

  • Terms & Condition

    Welcome to the review.com, please go through the terms and condition set by the company to make use of the website to its fullest. This page will define a different set of rules and regulation a visitor needs to abide by, in order to use the website. If you do not agree with these rules and regulation, you are free to leave. If you continue to use the website, it is understandable that you agree to all the terms and condition.

  • Responsible Conduct

    The user must agree to abide by the rules and regulation set by the company and respect all other members on the website. A user must not engage in any kind of indecent verbal or written misconduct on the website. Breaking which will lead to a warning and then a permanent ban.

  • The license of Use

    Once you are a registered member of the website, you are granted a non-exclusive right over the contents posted on this website. The user can make use of these contents for personal use only. The company also permits the user to print, download or copy the content present on the website but strictly for learning and personal use only. Apart from this limited access, a user is prohibited to use the content on the website for any other purposes like for promotion or copy of ideas. Violation of this will result in a lawsuit from the company. Use of trademarks, meta tags, and any other information apart from main content on the page is prohibited of any kind of use.

  • Using the Website

    In order to use the website to its fullest, it is recommended to create an account on the website. You can access the website and certain information without the need of sign-up but certain functionalities and parts of the website is accessible to registered user only. The membership does not cost anything and it is absolutely free. In order to create an account, you must provide accurate information about yourself along with a valid email address. The email address will be used to notify the user of any changes made on the website at earliest.

  • Materials/content on the Website

    Once you sign up on the website, you agree not to violate any terms and condition and will always adhere to the same while using the website. Once you are a member of this website, you agree not to copy, prohibited use the content, image, videos, links, trademarks in any form against the permission of the company. You agree not to infringe on anyone's personal details, trademarks, name. You agree not to post any material or content on the website which is derogatory towards anyone, contains bad language, obscene photo, pornography. Violating any of these rules might lead to blocking from the website without any prior notice.

    Materials you post

    when you post anything on this website, you agree and give us the permission to use that material, reproduce it, alter it, without any royalty all across the globe to you.

  • Link to other website and social media

    All the links, sub-links posted on the website by the company are in accordance with rules and regulations. The links and material posted by the users are their sole responsibility. Any violations of terms and condition on their part can’t be linked to the company. The company in no way be held responsible for the violations done by the users. It is also advisable to double check on the user policy data of the respective companies before posting a link on this website. The users are solely responsible for their actions and the company cannot be held responsible for the same.

  • Privacy

    We understand how important your personal information is, we assure you that the data provided to use are encrypted and secured. User’s privacy is our main concern and we do not reproduce, rent, or sell any of the information to the users without their consent. The information is saved and only concerned authorities from the company have the access to this limited information.

  • Links

    The links provided on the website are in accordance with the respective companies policies. We do not endorse or affiliate or sponsor any of these links in any way. These are for informative purposes only. Any violation of the link’s parent company cannot be linked to ours. If a user finds any link which is indecent or does not adhere as per the website’s standards then it is recommended to report it to us as fast as possible.

  • Intellectual Property Right

    All the content and material on this website is covered under the intellectual property right. If any kind of plagiarism is detected then suitable action will be taken against the culprits. All the copyright, trademark, ownership on the website lies with the parent company. Any information used apart from personal and informative use will be seen as a violation of the terms and condition set by the company. All suitable and necessary actions will be taken.

  • Spamming

    The website provides a great opportunity for people to make use of the information to gain knowledge. If a user posts unnecessary content which is not related to the topic of discussion or if they spam the website with unnecessary comments, links, content, they will be banned permanently. A user is requested to always adhere to the rules and regulations set by the company.

  • Violations

    Any user violating the terms and condition set by the company are liable to banning and even a lawsuit if the violation is of that level. The user must always adhere to the rules and regulation set by the company. The violations of these rules and regulation will lead to banning and permanent termination if required.

  • Changes on the Website

    Any change made to the website, if of user’s concern will be duly noted via the email address provided by the user. The company in no way responsible to reach out on every change made to the website. If the changes made are of concern to the user then they will be notified at earliest. The company has all the rights to change, modify, eliminate any service without any prior notice to the user.

  • Legal information

    Any content on the website cannot be used as legal information, nor it can be interpreted in any form to use it in the court. The information provided here is the sole responsibility of their respective owner. The company cannot be held responsible for the comments, views, and articles posted on the website. The information provided here is solely for informational and entertainment purpose.

  • Contact the company for any further information

    All the list of terms and condition has been listed here, users are requested to go through them to understand the working of the website and rules & regulations which need to be followed. In case of any information or communication requirements, a user can write to us at info@aaareview.com. This has been provided for the purpose of communication only, any violation or spamming will lead to banning.